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Sue Palmer is a writer and presenter, best known for her books Toxic Childhood and 21st Century Boys. She is also one of the UK's most well-established authorities on the teaching of literacy.
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Detoxing childhood

The best way to 'detoxify' childhood is to focus on what children need for healthy development, and how we can meet these needs in a 21st century context. Click below to see them counted on the fingers of one hand!


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23 March 2012

What price is literacy in a world of iPads and smartphones? Nobody seems to be worrying much about this question, but the more I think about it the more I’m convinced it’s the most pressing question in education today. Last month I was thinking about it for a chapter in a book I’m writing (see extract below), and concluded that – unless people in the upper echelons of education start taking note of what’s happening in the early stages of schooling (and pre-schooling: see also www.earlychildhoodaction.com) they’re in for a nasty shock in a few years time.


05 August 2011 - Think Tank report on parenting

Spent yesterday doing radio and TV interviews about a think tank report on parenting, which included a five-point plan for parents of babies and toddlers to help give them a good start in life...


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